Domain Name Pitfalls to Avoid.

Domain Name Pitfalls to Avoid.

Some mistakes can be avoided.

It can’t be overemphasized how important a good domain name is and how it can either make or mar your business. During marketing campaigns, you want people to end up on your site, and if your domain name is hard to remember or doesn’t make sense, you won’t be getting any visitors at all. Here are a few pitfalls to avoid when choosing a domain name:

  1. Using your business name: This might not always be a good idea because your business name might be too long or your customers may represent your company by a different name.
  2. Assuming your dream URL is taken: Don’t be quick to give up on your dream URL after you try the first time. Domain names that don’t get renewed come back on the market and are up for grabs. 
  3. Not registering other common versions of your domain name: If your business is known by some other common name, it’d pay to register that domain just in case. Don’t assume everyone will know the full domain name. Even if they do, still assume some section of your customers don’t and you’d be surprised just how many website visits you get. 
  4. Not using your relevant keywords: Google ranking is based on keywords and if you fail to use your keywords in your URL, you jeopardize your place on Google’s rank table and as such, you risk losing lots of potential customers.

Be wary of the pitfalls above and watch your domain name and website visits soar.

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