Types of Web Hosting Services

Types of Web Hosting Services

Hosting a website gets easier by the day. Hosting your website can be done by a number of website hosting services. There are different kinds, so it is important to know what your website needs and what services would be required. It would also pay to know what server you’d need and the budget you require.

There are four main types of hosting services:

  • Website builders
  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Collocated hosting

Website Builders

This hosting service is basically for newbies who do not have the technical skills or knowledge to build a website but need to host one. This service gives you an online-based interface where you can build your website and also hosts it without any extra setup required.

Shared Hosting

In this type of hosting service, you and other website owners share one server. You also share the physical server and all the software applications on the server. This service is affordable because the costs are shared, but the server can be very slow.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting services give you all the resources without your need to share with other website owners. By this, you have faster performance but you will be solely responsible for all server operation costs. 

Collocated Hosting

For this service, you buy your own server and house it in a web host’s facility. You are fully responsible for the server and have full control.

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