Web hosting made easy.

Web hosting made easy.

Every website has a “foundation”, also referred to as its host. This is where all the website files are accessible anytime and from anywhere. For you to have a website, you must first have a host. There are several reasons why you should have good hosting. Here are a few:

  • A good host makes your website fast, and that also means your site will be accessible almost always.
  • It is low-maintenance, affordable, and scaleable. 
  • Having a bad host gives your site a low load-time and eventually costs more money and time.

Without proper hosting, you will have a horrible foundation for your website. Getting the right hosting foundation for your website is quite easy and there are two ways to get it done.

  1. Use a web hosting platform
  2. Host it locally (by yourself)

Whichever you decide to use will depend on your experience level.

By using a web hosting platform, you will first need to compare different hosting companies to see which one properly aligns with what you require. You will also need to choose one that is within your budget. This comparison will help you make a choice and decide on a hosting plan, and finally decide on a domain name. 

If you decide to host locally, you will need to install a WAMP software, upload your site files, and then make your website public. This requires a more hands-on approach and it isn’t entirely reliable. Such connections are slow, you are solely in charge of all maintenance, and your computer will always be on.

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